Acute Traumatic Periodontitis

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What is Acute Traumatic Periodontitis

Acute traumatic periodontitis occurs in the root tip around the limitations of pain, inflammation, teeth subjected to external force, such as combat, collisions, falls, traumatic occlusion, can cause dental hard tissue, periodontal tissue and periapical tissue injury .

Symptoms of Acute Traumatic Periodontitis

Clinical manifestations of acute traumatic periodontitis

Showed acute inflammation and is limited to two incisor teeth, swollen gums, often accompanied by the convex curved lines to the apical side, the mucosal surface was due to the curved notch-shaped rubber band cutting gums. Periodontal pocket depth may be associated with pus overflow teeth loose even elongation, x-ray examination can be seen, apical to move closer, the two central incisors (normal parallel-like) two crowns tilted to the distal widespread alveolar bone resorption.

What Causes Acute Traumatic Periodontitis

The cause of acute traumatic periodontitis

Hang in incisor eruption crown tilted to far to the middle of the gap with the lateral incisor and canine eruption closed. Teeth subjected to external forces, such as strikes, collisions, falls, can cause dental hard tissue, periodontal tissues and periapical tissue injury. Biting hard objects, such as sand bite meal, bite walnut, bite-bottles, traumatic occlusion can lead to the damage of the apical. Individual parents unauthorized trap with rubber the constant central incisors correction. Rubber slide into the gums to stay in the apical does not remove the cause of the disease in a timely manner.

Tests and Diagnosis for Acute Traumatic Periodontitis

The diagnosis of acute traumatic periodontitis

Clinical examination revealed the cut root square rubber band, x-ray examination of teeth alveolar bone absorption, the teeth loose can be diagnosed.

Treatments of Acute Traumatic Periodontitis

Acute traumatic periodontitis treatment

Remove the rubber bands, to control periodontal destruction, the fixed teeth after the application of the edentulous jaw pads, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory and infection control. Local Chu 1% iodine or 3% iodine glycerin.

Prevention of acute traumatic periodontitis

Correct understanding of constant central incisors eruption gap in the middle, the early and observation. For correction adhesive orthodontic bracket method can be used.