Cellulitis Infratemporal Space

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What is Cellulitis Infratemporal Space

Infratemporal space (infratemporal space) is located in the temporal bone below the upper bound for the greater wing of the butterfly circles beneath the infratemporal crest, the lower bound of the lower edge of the lateral pterygoid muscle the ball flat, and as the flank gap boundaries. The infratemporal space cellulitis and more from the upper and lower molars lesions teeth; Secondly, can also be due to the superior alveolar nerve, round hole, oval hole anesthesia or line closed, infratemporal space cellulitis caused due to lax sterilization the temporal gap infected.

Symptoms of Cellulitis Infratemporal Space

Clinically separate occurrence of the temporal gap cellulitis less often multi-space infection, such as merger-wing the jaw gap and temporal gap infections. Condition can be more serious, a wide range of local swelling, the infratemporal space cellulitis symptoms can also spread to the temporal, parotid chewing muscle area and cheek; upper and lower parts of the area and the zygomatic arch zygomatic after obvious pain, tenderness, limitation of mouth opening, mouth when the pain increased. Inflammation can also enter the brain through the bone hole formation cavernous sinus infection: the emergence of the upper and lower eyelid edema. Exophthalmos or movement disorders.

What Causes Cellulitis Infratemporal Space

Tests and Diagnosis for Cellulitis Infratemporal Space

Diagnostic strategy

Due to the infratemporal space deep in the early symptoms are often not obvious, even if the abscess is not easy to see, and often requires the use of puncture or ultrasound. Temporal gap is commonly used in the diagnosis of cellulitis puncture method there are two kinds: ① port within the enamel from the maxillary tubercle the foreign hire buccal mucosal folds at up rear needle can reach the infratemporal space; ③ extraoral method, from the bottom of the zygomatic arch sigmoid notch between the vertical needle and the surface of the skin, up to infratemporal space.

Infratemporal space chronic inflammation with infratemporal fossa tumors differentiated, CT and MRI is a good means of identification.

Treatments of Cellulitis Infratemporal Space

Treatment Strategy

Infratemporal gap cellulitis processing the same principles and the principles of general oral and maxillofacial cellulitis. Should be timely incision and drainage abscess formation, inferior temporal gap cellulitis treatment cut method: (1) Intraoral incision and drainage, the incision site is slightly higher than the wing throated gap cellulitis cut day can the maxillary tuberosity enter blunt dissection with forceps along the mandibular branch edge medial temporal tendon up behind the separation into the infratemporal space, flush the abscess home drainage strip, ② extraoral incision and drainage incision site From the temporal hairline vertical skin incision, separation of the temporal muscle and the direction of the zygomatic arch blunt dissection into the abscess; extraoral incision and drainage Another method is to cut the corner from the jaw by ramus edge between the edge of the pterygoid muscle into the abscess establish drainage.