Congenital Short Cervix

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What is Congenital Short Cervix

Congenital short cervix is ​​a developmental malformation characterized pinpoint cervix.

Symptoms of Congenital Short Cervix

Clinical manifestations

Such as the uterus have normal function, the cervix is ​​too small after menarche and menstrual blood outflow is not smooth cause dysmenorrhea, retention of menstruation or infertility.

What Causes Congenital Short Cervix

Cause of disease

Due to cervical congenital dysplasia and short, even only a small hole at the top of the vagina pass uterus. May be associated or not associated Palace dysplasia.

Tests and Diagnosis for Congenital Short Cervix

Disease need vagina higher position diaphragm phase identification, the cervical short probed probe directly into the uterine cavity, which probed the probe into the hole and not directly to the uterine cavity, into a Larger vaginal segment.

Treatments of Congenital Short Cervix


Treatment of cervical dilation can be used to achieve satisfactory results.