Hysterical Aphonia

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What is Hysterical Aphonia

Hysterical aphonia (hystericalaphonia) transient dysphonia is caused due to psychological factors. More common in young women.

Symptoms of Hysterical Aphonia

Hysterical aphonia symptoms: sudden aphonia or the only issue whisper, but the cough can sound. Laryngoscopy, see the vocal cords in mild abduction, deep breathing and even more when you cough or laugh adduction of the vocal cords can. Instruct patient fat "clothes" sound vocal cords can not completely adduction up to the midline bit.

What Causes Hysterical Aphonia

Hysterical aphonia and psychological factors. General emotional or history of mental stimulation, such as life events, inner conflict, excessive sadness, fear, depression, stress, angered.

Tests and Diagnosis for Hysterical Aphonia

Hysterical aphonia based on history and examination, make a diagnosis, but should be excluded from the throat organic disease, without careful examination, they can not easily make the diagnosis of hysteria aphonia.

Treatments of Hysterical Aphonia

Hysterical aphonia of treatment to first understand its causes, and to explain to patients the disease can be cured completely eliminate ideological concerns of patients, the establishment of confidence can be cured. Mainly by implication therapy. Indirect laryngoscopy or fiberoptic instruct patient to cough, the concurrent "clothing" sound when the patient pronounced to instruct its number 1 to 10 numbers and simple words, and repeated aloud exercises Hysterical aphonia patients suddenly restored at the moment vocal function. Commonly used acupuncture points therapy of acupuncture or closed spring clean, people met, Hegu, side twist needle, patients pronunciation edge or line points closed treatment. Physical therapy and more choice resonates spark synchronous stimulus of electrotherapy or strong induction electric stimulation treatments in the anterior, instruct patient voice. The nervous excitement may be appropriate to give sedation drugs.