Interspinous Ligament Injury

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What is Interspinous Ligament Injury

Interspinous ligament in the the supraspinous ligament deep and up and down between the two spinous process, and supraspinous ligament collaborative stable spine rear. Interspinous ligament injury caused back pain is not uncommon, but because of the lack of specific signs and symptoms of the disease, is often overlooked.

Symptoms of Interspinous Ligament Injury

Clinical manifestations:

The location of the pain of the disease interspinous tenderness point the interspinous deeper. Their medical history, symptoms and spine ligament injury is basically similar.

What Causes Interspinous Ligament Injury


Interspinous ligament is located the supraspinous ligament deep surface, two ligaments act synergistically. Waist activities, two adjacent spinous process displacement cause chronic damage to the interspinous ligament degeneration produced, or even rupture of a ligament is pulling relaxation bent over the work, especially the long-term, the ligament is prone to chronic cumulative strain.

Tests and Diagnosis for Interspinous Ligament Injury

Diagnostic tests:

Interspinous the exact ligament injury diagnosis ligament contrast.

Treatments of Interspinous Ligament Injury


First, non-surgical therapy, such as physical therapy, closed. If treatment fails, the feasible surgical resection of the lesion interspinous ligament, parallel to the spinal fusion of the premises.