Laryngeal Leukoplakia

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What is Laryngeal Leukoplakia

Laryngeal leukoplakia (leukoplakia ofthe larynx) refers to the laryngeal mucosal epithelial cell sheet hyperkeratosis hyperplasia, presented a thick white lesions. More common in the vocal cords, often considered to be a pre-cancerous lesions. Its etiology may be excessive smoking and drinking, improper use sound environmental stimuli and vitamin deficiency.

Symptoms of Laryngeal Leukoplakia

Laryngeal leukoplakia symptoms:

The main symptom is hoarseness, aggravated with the disease development. Laryngoscopic to see the vocal cords surface or edge in the top 1/3 of the site, slightly raised white flat sheet, smooth surface patches, limited range and difficult to remove. Vocal cord movement.

What Causes Laryngeal Leukoplakia

Etiology of throat leukoplakia:

May be related to smoking, improper use of sound, chronic laryngitis and a lack of vitamins or trace elements. Pathological changes mainly laryngeal mucosa epithelial hyperplasia, incomplete keratosis, the submucosal tissue also mild hyperplasia.

Tests and Diagnosis for Laryngeal Leukoplakia

Diagnosis of laryngeal leukoplakia:

The main symptom is hoarseness, and aggravated with the lesion.

Laryngoscopy to see the vocal cords surface or the edge of the former middle third parts flat surface uplift white patchy lesions clearly state, the range is more limited, and can also be found in other parts of the larynx. Normal vocal cord movement.

Treatments of Laryngeal Leukoplakia

Treatment of laryngeal leukoplakia:

Avoid all factors stimulate the laryngeal mucosa, taking vitamin A. Laryngoscopic forceps carefully. Such lesions develop rapidly, freezing or laser treatment laryngoscope down. The repeated recurrence feasible throat cracked surgery.

Removal of pathogenic incentives and to avoid topical stimulant medication.

Its precancerous lesions can evolve into cancer, it should be checked regularly.

The 4. Of cases rapidly expanding, feasible throat cracked surgery.