Omental Torsion

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What is Omental Torsion[edit]

Omental torsion is clinically rare, longer than the left half of the right half of omentum torsion occurred in the right part.

Symptoms of Omental Torsion[edit]

The omental torsion clinical performance:

Less pain and more than the fixed parts, ease the supine or bending. Incidence postural suddenly turning or sudden force then began. The pain can be a few hours after the onset of even a few days disappeared or eased, the re-emergence after physical examination in the right abdominal tenderness and rebound tenderness in the right lower abdomen is obvious, sometimes palpable mass.

What Causes Omental Torsion[edit]

Omental torsion causes:

Hernia, obesity, omental cyst, omentum narrowing or the formation of ribbon is a major factor in the pathogenesis. Trauma and excessive force onset incentives.

Tests and Diagnosis for Omental Torsion[edit]

Treatments of Omental Torsion[edit]