Perineal Scar

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What is Perineal Scar

Perineal scar (cicatricial contracture of perineum) and more caused by burns, common in children, divided into perineal genital type, perineal anus and mixed.

Symptoms of Perineal Scar

Would perineal scar symptoms:

Perineal genital type: scar biased perineum before the area, including the Ministry of the lower abdomen, vulva, groin, vastus medialis, can cause the body flexion, can not stand upright; hinder thighs outreach. Scar webbed or large flake, serious scar embedding male urethra, vagina, erection of the penis can not, can not be properly discharged urine and menstruation.

Perineal anus type: scar biased towards the perineum after, mainly for hip and around. Cause thigh abduction, squat difficulties; serious anus outside the mouth scar shelter, fecal discharge, caused by scar false way defecation difficulties. False passage within lipiodol or barium help confirmed pseudo anal stenosis.

Hybrid: more severe deformity and dysfunction, hip activity limitation, sitting difficult walking all sense. The feces urine impregnated local, it is difficult to clean, the skin around the filthy, easy erosion secondary infection.

What Causes Perineal Scar

Tests and Diagnosis for Perineal Scar

Treatments of Perineal Scar

Will the perineal scar prevention:

Perineal scar prevention is the removal of a variety of factors that cause scar formation, reduce the growth of scar prevent scar caused deformity and dysfunction. Measures to reduce scar produced:

1. Strict aseptic technique various strict aseptic operation, often the smallest of wound healing, scar under sterile conditions.

Noninvasive fine instruments and materials technology applications. Gentle movements to reduce tissue damage.

3 free the tension suture avoid skin tension lines vertical incision across the joint or functional parts straight incision. Avoid tension suture.

Avoid as much as possible to avoid foreign bodies intraoperative glove talc, gauze batt fall into the wound, in order to reduce the foreign body to stimulate the wound. Complete hemostasis to prevent hematoma formation.

5 other properly handle the perineal scar wound, prevention and treatment of wound infection. Granulation wounds early skin grafting.

In addition, the emergence of hypertrophic scars with a patient's own factors. Such as people of color are more likely than Caucasians scar formation, skin color is black people are prone to scar. It should be noted that the surgical treatment.

Will the perineal scar treatment:

(1) webbed scar, feasible the lysis and repair of the "Z" word angioplasty or five law.

(2) multi-site or large flake scar excision range to fully release and shaded penis, scrotum, the vestibule of the vagina, anus completely exposed for the degree, to reduce the area of ​​the skin graft was cut. Wound repair in skin graft.

(3) pseudo anal atresia, resection cover the scar, exposing normal anus, jagged around the anus outside the mouth of the record why ring instead.

(4) requires the use of a flap to repair the wound, the preferred local flaps. Appropriate conditions, such as local or merge the penis, scrotum defect, viable free flap or prefabricated hose comprehensive repair.