Retrograde Pulpitis

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What is Retrograde Pulpitis

Retrograde pulpitis (retrograde pulpitis) infection from the teeth with periodontal disease caused by deep periodontal pockets. Chronic pulpitis acute attack of bacteria and toxins of the bag through the apical foramen, or side, sub-root canal retrograde into the pulp, causing the chronic inflammation of the root pulp may also be limitations. Gradual progression to the root pulp pulpitis pulpitis of this type of infection trend and usually by the crown pulp in the opposite direction, hence the name retrograde pulpitis. Infection by nearly teeth, neck and root bifurcation collateral root canal caused by pulp inflammation limitations pulpitis, the pain is not very severe. Retrograde pulpitis pulp blood supply caused by apical direction the great clinical acute pulpitis manifested. The retrograde Pulpitis periodontal pulp joint intrinsic type.

Symptoms of Retrograde Pulpitis


Teeth retrograde pulpitis can be expressed as spontaneous pain, paroxysmal pain, cold, heat stimulation pain relief pain, night pain and other typical symptoms of acute pulpitis. Also be present for the chronic the pulpitis's performance, cold, sensitive to thermal stimulation or excitation of pain, as well as typical spontaneous dull pain or tenderness. Periodontitis history, asked the teeth have long complained of bad breath, loose teeth, teeth together weakness or bite the aggregate pain symptoms.

What Causes Retrograde Pulpitis

Teeth with periodontal disease caused by infection comes from deep periodontal pockets. Retrograde pulpitis cause of chronic inflammation, acute exacerbation of chronic pulpitis also be limited bag of bacteria and toxins through the apical foramen or side, Vice root canal retrograde into pulp, caused by the roots of pulp. Common in digging the nose or pulling nose hair cause nasal vestibule skin lesions and secondary infection, Staphylococcus aureus infection, secondary to chronic nasal vestibulitis, diabetes and resistance the low weak and susceptible to the disease.

Tests and Diagnosis for Retrograde Pulpitis

Clinical examination

A deep apical periodontal pocket or a more serious Furcation ① teeth. Gum edema, hyperemia, periodontal pocket pus overflow. The teeth may have varying degrees of loose.

The ② None initiator the pulpitis's deep caries or other dental hard tissue disease.

③ temperature tests in different parts of the multi-root teeth with crowns of retrograde pulpitis check can stimulate pain, slow or no response. This is different within the same tooth root canal pulp pathological state.

The ④ teeth on percussion reaction to mild pain (+) to moderate pain (+ +).

The ⑤ x-ray showed teeth with extensive periodontal tissue destruction or furcation.

Diagnostic points

(1) long-term history of periodontitis patients.

(2) recent pulpitis symptoms.

(3) The teeth are not checked and the the pulp disease caused dental hard tissue disease.

(4) teeth severe periodontitis performance.

Treatments of Retrograde Pulpitis