Ulnar Artery Embolism

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What is Ulnar Artery Embolism

The ulnar artery embolism (ulnaral arteral thrombosis) ulnar artery and its branches in the hands of embolism can occur in the palm of your hand contusion, clinical manifestations similar wrist ulnar nerve compression and Raynaud's disease.

Symptoms of Ulnar Artery Embolism

Clinical manifestations of ulnar artery embolism

The clinical manifestations of ulnar artery embolism is divided into the following two categories.

1. Feet insufficient arterial

(1) early cause the ring finger and little finger of the cold and the skin color pale.

(2) long-term insufficiency, can cause ring and little finger skin color cyanosis.

(3) ischemic pain, the pain got worse in the case of cold, like Raynaud's phenomenon.

(4) The above symptoms can be to vasodilators or stellate ganglion closed eased.

(5) ischemia serious ring, pinkie fingertip nutritious ulcers or necrosis occurred.

Ulnar nerve irritation

(1) the hypothenar muscle numbness and a burning sensation to the hands of the ulnar and the ring and little fingers Radiation.

Paresthesia (2) ulnar nerve area (allergies and slow).

(3) Internal gravis (clinical relatively rare).

What Causes Ulnar Artery Embolism

The cause of ulnar artery embolism

Palm of contusion or crush injury, especially in the ulnar palm hypothenar the damage the disease pathogenic factors, sometimes minor injury or short-term damage is often ignored by patients, such damage is not immediately cause ulnar artery embolism, generally after 1 to 6 months after the onset of clinical symptoms, sometimes separated by a year-long, the ulnar artery embolization or spasm caused two ways.

1. Artery intimal injury induced thrombosis.

2. Trauma caused by stimulation of the sympathetic fibers of the arterial wall vasospasm, resulting in stenosis or obstruction, eventually leading to a lack of blood supply of the hand.

Tests and Diagnosis for Ulnar Artery Embolism

Ulnar artery embolism diagnosis

1. Ulnar artery embolism typical history.

The 2. Ulnar artery embolism typical symptoms.

3.Allen test positive

Ulnar artery embolization in patients with clenched fists, forcing the blood to drive out the palm of the palm of your hand, check with both hands, food, middle finger the palpable and patients wrist of feet, radial artery, ulnar, radial artery, so patient stretched out its hand, and the ulnar artery compression release, normal color change to normal within 5 seconds of the palm. Palm color recovery significantly delay indicates the existence of the ulnar artery embolization, this test can be compared with the healthy hand or first relax the radial artery.

Brachial artery angiography or laser ultrasound

Can directly visualize the ulnar artery embolization signs can be diagnosed.

Differential diagnosis of ulnar artery embolism

Ulnar artery embolism with embolic vasculitis, Raynaud's disease, thoracic outlet syndrome, wrist ulnar nerve compression disorders such identification. Which is easily confused with embolic vasculitis, and therefore should be particularly phase identification.

The embolism obliterans characteristics: No history of trauma, bilateral lesions, radial artery lesions mainly nervous system symptoms are not obvious, A11en test was negative.

Treatments of Ulnar Artery Embolism